Aiming for operational excellence

At the foundation of successful manufacturing is a strong partnership. Our detail-oriented team takes the time to understand the details of your process and the scientific reasoning behind each step of the manufacturing process.

By partnering with clients develop and advance their therapeutics with commercialization in mind, and by leveraging our cell therapy-focused experience, we can more effectively and efficiently support clients meet their clinical manufacturing needs.

Technology Transfer

Our approach to successful clinical manufacturing begins with strategic, well-executed technology transfers. 

In this critical step, the Aspire team will work with partners to coordinate the transfer for maximum efficacy, ensuring a smooth transition of the technology from your site to ours. Through a systematic approach, we ensure that cell therapy production processes are moved to our facilities without creating unnecessary delays.

cGMP Manufacturing

Since 2018, Aspire has been manufacturing cellular therapies for clinical trials with high success rates.  Our skilled manufacturing team will assist you with your clinical manufacturing needs in our ISO 7 certified cleanroom space and FDA registered manufacturing facility. Our on-site QC lab is equipped to perform release assays such as sterility, endotoxin, mycoplasma, automated cell count & viability, Flow Cytometry and ELISA testing.

Storage and Logistics

In addition to offering on-site cryostorage, Aspire interfaces with world-class couriers to meet your logistics needs. By offering delivery methods that consider all the required biological parameters, quality measures and standardized procedures, we can ensure safe, efficient and successful delivery of your products to their final destination.

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